Diama-Gloss Interior Protectant

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Product Detail: The DDP Diama-Gloss Interior Protectant is a long lasting sprayable dressing. Our non-greasy formula creates a dry-to-the touch factory new look. Since Diama-Gloss is a water-based product it is also safe to use on engine bays.

Directions: For best results use on dry and clean surface. 1) Shake well before use. 2) Mist product on microfiber towel or applicator pad. 3) Spread product evenly in sections no larger than 3 square feet at a time. 4) Re-apply if higher gloss shine is desired.

Pro Tip: For optimal results clean interior vehicle surfaces with our All Purpose Interior Cleaner prior to applying Diama-Gloss. When used as an engine bay dressing, clean engine using our Heavy Duty Exterior Degreaser prior to dressing application.


Color Milky Blue
Size Pint
Form Spray
Base Water-based
Safe on Leather Yes
Safe on Vinyl Yes
Safe on Plastic Yes
Safe on Rubber Yes
Contains Silicone Yes
Safe on Engine Yes
PH Balanced Yes
Scent Grape