H2NO Wash & Wax

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  • Waterless car, motorcycle, boat, plane and RV wash
  • A must have for show car owners and weekend cruisers
  • Gently cleans and protects in one easy step
  • Eco-friendly formula safe on all surfaces
  • PH balanced - alcohol and ammonia free

Product Detail: The DDP H2NO Wash & Wax is a biodegradable waterless wash and carnauba wax in one product! H2NO uses advanced polymer technology to gently lift dirt without scratching, while simultaneously adding UV protection. It is PH balanced and safe to use on all surfaces. H2NO provides a quick and easy way to detail the exterior of your ride without needing access to a drop of water! Use H2NO on painted, metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber, glass surfaces and much more.

Directions: For best results, use on cool surface in the shade. When using in direct sunlight, mist product on towel instead of surface. Complete one panel at a time or in sections of roughly 3' x 3'. Never allow product to air-dry naturally on panel.

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Spray product on section of vehicle to be cleaned and waxed.
  3. Quickly spread product with plush microfiber towel.
  4. Follow behind with another clean soft microfiber towel to dry and remove any excess product from panel.

Pro Tip: Waterless and rinse-less wash products are intended for vehicles that are very light to moderately dirty/dusty. If vehicle is excessively dirty, you should rinse surfaces with clean water to remove large gritty materials prior to applying H2NO.


Color Green
Size Pint
Form Spray
Scent Fruity
Safe on Cars Yes
Safe on Boats Yes
Safe on Motorcycles Yes
Safe on RV's Yes
PH Balanced Yes
Cleaning Ability Heavy Duty
UV Protection Yes
Carnauba Wax Yes
Gloss Enhancement Yes
Safe on Ceramic Coating Yes