Interior Clean & Protect Kit

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The DDP Interior Clean & Protect Kit is for those looking to easily clean and protect their interior vinyl, plastic, leather and rubber surfaces. Our All Purpose Interior Cleaner can also be used to clean vehicle headliners and used as a spot stain remover on interior carpet and cloth upholstery.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) DDP All Purpose Interior Cleaner (Pint)
  • (1) DDP Diama-Gloss Interior Protectant (Pint)


Product Detail: The DDP All Purpose Interior Cleaner is the most versatile interior cleaner offered by Detroit Detail Products. This cleaner removes stubborn stains and spills, while restoring leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces to their original sheen. The DDP All Purpose Interior Cleaner is PH balanced, so it will not dry out or stiffen interior surfaces.

Product Detail: The DDP Diama-Gloss Interior Protectant is a long lasting sprayable dressing. Our non-greasy formula creates a dry-to-the touch factory new look. Since Diama-Gloss is a water-based product it is also safe to use on engine bays.