Wash & Seal Kit

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The DDP Wash & Seal Kit is perfect for the car owner or detailer looking to quickly produce a show ready shine and maximize paint protection! The Wash & Seal Kit provides not only enough product to wash and seal multiple vehicles, but also enough to properly maintain those vehicles for years to come.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) DDP Gloss Wash (Pint)
  • (1) DDP PolyTek Advanced Sealant (Pint)


Product Detail: The DDP Gloss Wash cleans, shines and protects all in one easy step, producing show car finish results. It is a PH balanced car wash shampoo concentrate, so it will not strip previously applied wax, sealant or paint protective coatings. It is great to use on automobiles, boats, RV's and motorcycles.

Product Detail: The DDP PolyTek Advanced Sealant is best way to ensure proper paint protection is in place. It can be applied by hand or machine polisher and features easy removal. PolyTek is formulated with detergent resistant polymers and synthetic resins to provide protection lasting up to 12 months.

Add one of our 4.5" Fine Foam Sealant Applicators to your kit for only $3.49