Clay Block (Fine Grade)

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The DDP Clay Block provides an efficient way to remove surface contaminants after washing prior to paint correction, wax, sealant or coating application. Its small size also makes it great for spot claying and getting into hard to reach areas. It is used in the same way you would use one of our clay bars or Auto Cleanse Mitt. Like the Auto Cleanse Mitt, the Clay Block also provides the huge benefit of being able to be rinsed with clean water if dropped and can then be used again after.

  • Removes Over Spray, Light Tree Sap, Rail Dust, Bugs and Other Contaminants
  • Unlike Traditional Clay Bar if Dropped on Ground, Simply Rinse with Clean Water
  • Use on Clear Coat, Metal, Glass and Plastic Surfaces
  • Outlasts Traditional Clay Bars


Size: 3.4” Long x 2.2” Wide x 1” Thick

Quantity: 1 Fine Grade Clay Block

Color: Red and Black