GPS & Radio Button Brush (Metal-Free)

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The GPS & Radio Button Brush is a 100% metal-free brush, with ultra soft synthetic bristles to make it safe for the most delicate surfaces. You can use it with confidence to clean around GPS and radio buttons, as well as surrounding cracks and crevices without the worry of scratching anything. After use cleaning the brush is a quick and easy task! Simply rinse the bristles with warm water to remove any chemicals or grime from the brush and let air dry.

  • Ergonomic handle with textured grip
  • Ultra soft and super dense synthetic fiber brush that’s safe to use on all surfaces
  • 100% metal-free brush to remove any worries of scratching delicate surfaces
  • Dense, soft bristles make it great for cleaning leather and seams
  • Can be used to clean in and around GPS systems, radios, screens, buttons, knobs, gauges, vents and much more


Overall Brush Length: 7.3”
Length of Bristles: 1.4”
Color: Jet Black
Quantity: 1 Brush