Wipe Down Diamond Towel

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  • Perfect for the dirty jobs! Designed to be used for spots that were missed and areas like door jambs, sills, wheels and gutters that will collect and hold dirt after the final rinse.
  • Unique Design! The high/low diamond pattern remains very soft with a weave design that's not prone to linting.
This towel is solves a problem we've all run into, whether you're a professional detailer, enthusiasts, or just someone that likes a clean car. You're drying your car after thoroughly washing it and you notice a spot that didn't get clean. You know microfiber, when used carefully, can lift away the dirt without causing damage, but you don't want to muck up your polishing towels and you don't want to contaminate the drying towel that you're using. You've also got spots that just seem to collect the dirt that gets rinsed off during the wash.The Wipe Down Diamond Towel is the detailing cloth designated for those jobs. It's perfect for cleaning up those grimy spots that you missed while washing or that collected dirt during the final rinse. It's surprisingly soft and generously sized for the task at 18"x24". Confidently clean those problem areas while knowing your other detail towels aren't getting ruined.

Size:       18" x 24" (45cm x 60 cm)
Weight:   325 Grams Per Square Meter (GSM)
Color:      Light Gray
Material: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide