Show Car Shine

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Product Detail: The DDP Show Car Shine is a quick and easy way to produce a brilliant deep shine. With each wipe down you're also significantly increasing the life of previously applied wax, sealant and paint protective coatings. This versatile product also works great as water-less wash or clay lubricant. Safe to use on paint, chrome,  glass, metal and non-porous plastic surfaces. 

Directions: For best results use on cool surface in the shade. When using in direct sunlight mist product on towel instead of surface. Use with soft microfiber to eliminate risk of scratching. Shake well before use. (1) Mist product on towel or surface. (2) Quickly spread product with microfiber towel, working in sections of 3-4 square feet at a time. (3) Follow behind with a clean/dry microfiber towel if any light streaking is noticed.

Pro Tip: The DDP Show Car Shine can be used in conjunction with our Fine Grade Auto Cleanse Mitt as a lubricant to clay and shine vehicle in one easy step.


Color Pink
Size Pint (16 fl. oz.), 1/2 Gallon (64 fl. oz.)
Form Liquid Spray
Carnauba Wax Yes
Sealant No
UV Protection Yes
Application Hand
Safe on Dark Colors Yes
Safe on Light Colors Yes