DDP Detail Swabs (10 Pack)

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DDP Detail Swabs make it possible to clean those hard to reach areas during the detailing process. They’re great for cleaning in and around AC vents, buttons, knobs, seams and other cracks and crevices. The narrow, ultra soft foam mitt end and polypropylene handle make them safe to use on the most delicate surfaces.

  • Narrow, rectangular foam mitt and semi-flat handle make it possible to reach the previously unreachable areas
  • Very effective when used wet or dry
  • Foam mitt ends can be gently cleaned with water after using
  • Ultra soft foam that’s safe on all surfaces
  • Eases precision interior detailing 


Overall Swab Length: 5.1”
Foam Mitt Size: 1” Long x 1/2” Wide
Quantity: 10 Pack
Made in The USA